Structuring Machine Learning Projects

License: 6GKUMXNV7CAT (August 2018)

This course covers error analysis and how to prioritize the best directions to reduce it, the concepts of data mismatch and artificial data synthesis as well as applying transfer learning and multi-task learning for problems with small data sets or solving for multiple tasks at once.

Structuring Machine Learning Projects

Improving Deep Neural Networks

License: WE762YKYH2MJ (July 2018)

This course builds up on the previous one and focuses on using regularization techniques such as L2, dropout, data augmentation and early stopping as well as optimization methods like mini-batch gradient descent, gradient descent with momentum, Adam Optimization, learning-rate decay and batch normalization. This course also presents TensorFlow as a more efficient alternative to just Python and Numpy.

Improving Deep Neural Networks

Neural Networks and Deep Learning

License: XG85CWJ4JWDN (July 2018)

Introduction course to deep learning and neural networks. The course covers logistic regression, shallow and deep (L-layered) neural networks, forward and back-propagation, cost computation and different activation functions.

Neural Networks and Deep Learning

Foundation course on Embedded Linux

License: UC-8R236MUS (December 2016)

Introduction course to Embedded Linux. Course contents include understanding the booting process, building a compiler toolchain, creating the file system and deploying the whole onto the target board.

Foundation course on Embedded Linux

ARM Cortex-M Bare-Metal Embedded-C Programming

License: UC-U6LOD8TQ (November 2016)

Introduction to the Cortex-M microcontroller family and its architecture, its internals and memory map. Programming using pointers, preprocessors, bitwise operations and data structures. Introduction to CMSIS and uploading the system to the to board.

ARM Cortex-M Bare-Metal Embedded-C Programming

Embedded Systems Programming on ARM Cortex-M3/M4 Processor

License: UC-9M961FW4 (November 2016)

Introduction to Cortex-M3/M4 and their memory architechture. Programming and theory on different subjects such as stack, system exceptions and interrupts, interrupt priorities and Cortex-M3/M4 OS specific features.

Embedded Systems Programming on ARM CortexM...

The Ultimate Ethical Hacking Boot Camp: Beginner to Pro

License: UC-NA964749 (November 2016)

Introduction to ethical hacking, tools and procedures used. Methodology of the different phases such as gathering preliminary information using search engines and social networks, documenting every pattern/habit/weakness found, scanning open ports using nmap, finding attack zones such as default passwords, email group IDs, using metasploit, windows password cracking, phishing and using social engineering techniques.

The Ultimate Ethical Hacking BootCamp

Electrical, Electronics and PCB Design Safety & Compliance

License: UC-U72RL4N8 (November 2016)

Introduction to electric, electronic and PCB design. Concepts taught are insulation types, product classes, fuses and earth connections, electric strength and leakage currents, clearance and creepage distance calculations, critical components, IPxx protection and product development examples using resources from International Electrotechnical Commission

Electrical, Electronics and PCB Design Safety & ...

Control of Mobile Robots

License: N/A (March 2013)

Introduction to robots in general and mobile in particular. Concepts explained include car-like robots, differential-drive robots, sensor types and limitations, odometry, sensor fusion, obstacle avoidance, boundary following, PID control and navigation control.

Control Of Mobile ...