Aerial Robotics

License: HBAWP9D8B2YW (March 2017)

Introduction to the mechanics of flight and the design of quadrotor flying robots. Component selection depending of size and indoors/outdoors flight zone conditions, dynamic model and 3D PID controller development.

Robotics: Aerial Robotics

Computational Motion Planning

License: PKPVZBP2L8AN (June 2017)

Introduction to path planning, finding routes for the robot to get to its destination while avoiding obstacles. Algorithms taught are Dijkstra, A Star, Probabilistic Road Maps, Randomly Exploring Rapid Trees and Artificial Potential Fields.

Robotics: Computational Motion Planning


License: N298F2YLXCNM (June 2017)

Introduction to robot body and behaviour designs, animal and robotic mobility and kinematics and dynamics of legged robots. Paradigm shift from actively controlled limbs to mechanically based movement.

Robotics: Mobility


License: 8V3DN3XD3SZ2 (June 2017)

Introduction to computer vision and robot navigation using visual odometry and landmark-based detection through feature extraction and optical flow among other representations.

Robotics: Perception

Estimation and Learning

License: LCGH8PCGXU6B (July 2017)

Introduction to probability and sensor filtering. Contents include color learning and detection, Kalman filter to reduce the noise in a system and creating a map of the world using sensor readings.

Robotics: Estimation and Learning

Capstone Project

License: XD8Y4A3SUPVC (July 2018)

Implementation of the theory in a physical robot to navigate a circuit consisting of AR tags using a camera and an IMU. I also designed and 3D printed the mechanical parts, designed and soldered a hardware shield that included a PWM generator, two motor drivers, an ADC and a battery charger, as well as the power circuit to step-up the battery voltage for the motor and SBC.

Robotics: Capstone