Open Nautilus with Terminator

I’ve been using Terminator for a while now and having the ability to have multiple panes is a great improvement over the default gnome-terminal application. The only thing that bugged me was the fact that gnome-terminal is hard-coded into the Nautilus file browser as the default one, which meant choosing between the convenience of opening a terminal window directly in the correct folder or having the extra windows offered by Terminator.

After a lot of digging around the internet I found that the previous way of setting the default terminator with dconf was deprecated, that the alternative way using “update-alternatives” doesn’t exist in Arch, and the Gnome3 isn’t “a desktop for people who like to choose their own terminal emulators“.

Since there isn’t any easy solution, apart from just ditching Gnome, I did the next best thing. Now, when in a gnome-terminal window, typing the command “ct” (change terminal) will close the current window and open a new Terminator one in the same directory.

To do so, copy the following script somewhere and give it execution rights.

Finally add the following alias to your .bash_aliases or .bashrc file changing “path/to” to the correct one.



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